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I decided to add a new category in this blog that is "Selected Short Essay". The aim is simple, to publish my essay assignments on the web. It ranges from environmental issues, development issues, until tourism-leisure issues. Perhaps you will find something interesting, or even rubbish :p.

You can have it for personal and non-commercial uses (nevertheless, education/information is for all isn't it?). However, I really don't recommend you to use these essay, or even cite it, for your academic work (essay, paper, etc). The problem of citing these essay as your source is simple, how are you going to refer to it? Of course you also have option to give no citation/reference. Then it means you are a plagiat by so doing. And you know that plagiarism is an unforgiven sin hahahahhaha :). Respect others, respect yourself :).

Comments and discussions, instead, are warmly and eagerly welcome. You can say anything freely and then we can engage in an interesting opinion exchange :).

Saturday, December 11, 2004


It hurts,
when we have to choose
between things we DON'T like.

Yet, It hurts most,
when we have to choose
between things we LIKE.

I begin to realize that choosing can be very hard. Especially when you have to choose what you'll be in the future. One has to consider many opportunities and constraints. It is a decission that is affecting not just one's life but one's future family too. To this point, I can feel what it's like when Peter Parker heard "With great power, comes great responsibility". I absolutely not a superhero hehehe :) nor having a special power (just an ordinary person hehehe). However, I believe, the problems we face are relatively same.

When I choose between things one don't like, I may have predicted how bitter it will be. To some extent, I know the consequences of that choice.

It isn't the same thing when dealing with things we like. I may keep wondering what it will be when I choose the other one. Will it be better? will it be more nice? It is human nature that we never or hardly satisfy with things we have. It may be that I'm greedy and don't want to loose ANYTHING that I like. If I could, I don't want to choose, I want ALL. Yet, I cannot!

The problem is we are alive. In our daily life, we choose everytime. We choose at what time we want to wake up, we choose what we want to eat for breakfast, we choose what we wear, we choose our job, etc. Even if we don't have that freedom of will, we still are responsible to choose whether we fight for it or live as it.

My friend once told me that it is the art of life. We live to make a choice, and to live the choice. Sometimes it is like what we had expected, but sometimes it fails to fulfill our expectation. At that moment, we have to learn from it. She is right. To add her, I think we couldn't have all the things we want.

Last, it is pleasant when I know that I have a place to go when I am weary. Read bellow and you may understand what I meant: (I hope you feel the same too)

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Jesus Christ, st. Matthew 11:28, KJV).

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The first part has to be an impressive one. Well, what should I said then? *thinking* ...... ummmm *got it*. Let me begin this weblog with the purpose and mystory of this weblog.

Begins with unintentionally act where I was lost to the site when was searching some news. I found the site is great and can be used to cultivate creative ideas and feedbacks. And it is simple too. So, I decide to submit and got my own weblog, and whala ...... this weblog was born.

Many blogger -usually- use their site merely just as an online diary. I do aware that those purposes are not bad, indeed we can cultivate fruitfull insights of their sharings. Nevertheless, my weblog is not going to be like that. Mine are filled with my reflections, ideas, and thoughts on my activities in office, social activities, and -perhaps- religious activities. I also enjoy discussing political economy issues and social development. Globalisation, indeed, is one of my favourite subjects. I do not intend to say that I know much on it, I am not an expert for sure, however I want to study and explore various ideas on it. So, please, don't be hesitated to post your critics, pro-con, or whatever related to the topic. I guarantee, it is all warmly accepted and I try my best to reply it.

  1. To note my ideas, thoughts and reflections.
  2. To improve my writing skill, especially on the writing style, logical thinking, making a good argument, composing conclusion, etc and not to forget those grammar things.
  3. To improve my English ability especially on written skills (hehehehe, got to admit it).

So my dear friends and readers, please start posting your comments. Let the Journey begin.